Where to buy houseplants: 7 of the best online shops

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Wonder where to buy houseplants no longer

Your indoor plant search has come to an end with this list of the seven best online plant shops.

Your indoor plant Google searching has just come to an end. Wonder where to buy houseplants no longer, with this list of the seven best online plant shops.

Maybe you don’t have a high-quality indoor plant shop nearby. Or perhaps you are looking for a more diverse assortment than what your local plant shop can provide.  Or you just want the convenience of nursery to door delivery.

Whatever your reasons for preferring an online shop, it’s a great idea to add options to your repository as your embark on your journey to green thumb status. Indoor plants add a lot to any home or office and the more you collect, the more you’ll want to expand your scope and be exposed to all the different varieties that are available.

That’s why I’ve rounded up seven of my favorite stylish plant shops that deliver straight to your door. And if you want my complete list of over 40 online plant shops then get it as part of my roundup of over 150 indoor plant resources.

Growing Plants

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Amazon Plants »

I’m not at all surprised that Amazon has gotten into the indoor plant business given how popular houseplants have becomes. They may not have the most stylish shop on the list but have a large variety and, of course, the benefit of Prime shipping. You can find common indoor plants, pots and planters, as well tools such as watering cans.

Etsy Plants »

If you love the Etsy marketplace then don’t overlook them for your indoor plant needs. There are some absolutely gorgeous houseplant shops on Etsy that sell everything from succulents to air plants and super stylish planters and plant decor items. This is where you go if you are looking for something truly unique.

Leaf & Clay »

Leaf & Clay is the go-to destination for succulent lovers. They’ve cultivated a fun and eclectic assortment of easy-care succulents in an array of colors, shapes and textures. They also sell beautiful pots made by artisans in Indonesia, so you have the added benefit of supporting a local community when you buy from them.

Lula's Garden »

Turn to Lula’s Garden if you want to gift a loved one something special and memorable. They have hand-planted, locally grown succulents that are guaranteed to last long. Each succulent also comes in a beautifully crafted gift box that doubles as a planter.

Pistils Nursery »

Pistils Nursery is a Portland-based specialty plant shop with both indoor and outdoor plants and an array of botanically-inspired home goods. This trendy shop has an eye for curation and  offer both exotic and common houseplants that are carefully selected and available for shipping across the U.S.

The Desert Box »

Calling out cacti lovers, The Desert Box is your place if you want to rapidly grow your collection. They offer monthly and quarterly subscription boxes of 1-3 cacti and succulents  and include a wooden planter and white granite pebbles to house and display your little beauties.

The Sill »

I’m obsessed with The Sill as it is incredibly stylish and geared towards the beginner.  The beautiful website organizes their indoor plant offering according to different themes (such as low-light, best for beginners, etc.). They also sell gorgeous bespoke planters and have a useful blog for indoor plant care information.  

If you want my entire list of over 40 online indoor plant shops (including several European houseplant shops) then get the resource roundup.  

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