Get balcony plant decor inspiration from Jardin Majorelle

jardin majorelle marrakech outdoor plants

Balcony Plant Aesthetic Inspiration

When it comes to plant decor inspiration look no further. Draw balcony plant inspiration and ideas for outdoor planters from the stunning Jardin Majorelle in Marrekech, Morocco. 

I spent a month in Morocco and one of the highlights of my trip were the hours spent lingering in Jardin Majorelle, the garden in Marrekech that was lovingly redesigned by Yves Saint Laurent and houses a stunning array of outdoor plants.

From exotic flora and trees in pretty plant pots to the hanging plants and perennials that dress up the beautiful pavilions and fountains, this is an amazing source of plant decor inspiration. 

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Balcony Plant Decor Tips 

I picked up a few plant decor tips from Jardin Majorelle that I'm eager to incorporate into my balcony and home and want to share with you as well. 

Stick to a set color scheme

Jardin Majorelle was very colorful with the array of plants and bright architecture but Yves Saint Laurent actually stuck to a consistent palette of vibrant blue, yellow, and orange. This keeps the garden looking interesting without being overwhelming to the eye.

These bright succulent planters come in a vibrant teal, yellow, and red that mimic the beautiful palette at Jardin Majorell. 

Focus on your planters

It was clear that a lot of effort was put into the plant pots at Jardin Majorelle and I think this is a decor trick to use for your indoor plants or balcony plants as well. Selecting (or DIYing) beautiful planters is an easier and less expensive way to add visual interest than furniture and other accessories.

This beautiful 3-piece ceramic balcony planter set in glossy green, blue, and orange would greatly enhance your outdoor space. 

Group similar plants

I loved seeing how similar plant species were grouped together at Jardin Majorelle (especially the cacti). It added a lot of drama and almost forced you to take notice of the vast variety while also appreciating their contrasting elements. If you have a lot of plants in your home or on your balcony this is a wonderful way to make sure they all get attention. 

If you are hesitant to purchase a bunch of one type of plant start with a collection of succulent plants and group them together in an oversized table planter

Visiting Jardin Majorelle 

Definitely head out early and try to get to Jardin Majorelle right when it opens so it isn't overrun with tourists. You'll likely have a more peaceful experience and a get a decent chance to capture a few images without dodging throngs of people! 

It’s worth purchasing the Jardin Majorelle garden ticket in combo with the Yves Saint Lauren and Berber museum. This allows you to skip the line and the extra fee to add on the museums are absolutely worth it.

If you want to purchase the combo ticket skip the first ticket office (where you will likely see a long line) and walk a few steps further to another office (with a shorter line) and purchase them there.

Lastly, make a day of it by checking out the onsite cafes and shops to round out your experience. And if you need a post-museum dining option take a short taxi to Grand Cafe de la Poste

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