What are and how to care for Air Plants (Tillandsia)?

how to care for air plants

What are air plants and how to care for them?

Air plants are diverse, beautiful, and low maintenance and this is all you need to know to properly care for them.

What are air plants? 

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are an interesting plant species in the epiphyte family, which means that they do not require soil to grow.

These plants are typically found in forests, mountains and deserts throughout the Americas and support some wildlife such as frogs and toads.  

They grow on other plants but aren't parasites as they get their nutrients from particles in the air, dust, dirt, and moisture. 

Their roots are shallow and used for anchoring and stabilization and to collect water and pull moisture through to the rest of the plant.  

They are usually small in size but come in a variety of lovely colors and interesting textures making them a favorite indoor plant for home decor enthusiasts. 

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How to care for air plants? 

Air plants are an excellent household plant because they are low maintenance and difficult to harm. I consider them to be very similar in care level to cacti and succulents though they may need more frequent watering. 

First, be sure that you have a spot in your home where they can get bright indirect sun. Make sure they aren't directly in the sun or they'll get scorched and their leaves will burn. 

You can give them a weekly misting and should soak every two weeks by sitting them in a shallow bowl for 3o minutes or so.  Be sure to allow them to completely dry out for a few hours before putting back into their container to avoid mold or rot. 

Don't place them in dirt and remember to open a window and allow fresh air to flow through your home periodically. Air plants need good air circulation to survive. 

Other than that, they are pretty forgiving if you mess up. If  you notice that their leaves are getting a bit brown or generally looking sickly it's likely too much sun, too little water, or not enough fresh air. Also, watch out if you have a curious pet who likes to paw and chew things!

Because they are small and don't need soil you can collect a few of them and sit them anywhere around the house.  No container is necessary though many people love to show them off in hanging planters and vases. 

what are air plants

Where to buy air plants?

My favorite air plant varieties are Tectorum, Bulbosa, Xerographica, and Capitata Peach because they have such a beautiful aesthetic with lovely colors and textures. 

However, I recommend you start out with an assortment of air plants and indulge in their diversity. Then use them as plant decor by showcasing in a hanging planter or wall terrarium. 

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